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The Life and Crimes of a Roughneck [entries|friends|calendar]
~*moon girl*~

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[11 Aug 2010|02:34pm]
lost my cell last week.... txt me or comment with your number :P
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[14 Dec 2009|09:35pm]

I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
He knows where he's taking me
Taking me where I want to be
I'm taking a ride
With my best friend

We're flying high
We're watching the world pass us by
Never want to come down
Never want to put my feet back down
On the ground

I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
Promises me I'm as safe as houses
As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers
I hope he never lets me down again

Never let me down

See the stars they're shining bright
Everything's alright tonight
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[03 Nov 2009|09:58am]

well, not at first. After sitting outside waiting for the bus for about ten minutes, someone came over to me and told me that SEPTA is on strike. BTW SEPTA stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

So, at first I was like "FUCK! How the hell am I going to work today? Should I go to work today? Its a $20 cab fare after all"
I opted for yes, despite of the price because I will be able to get a ride home from work. And more importantly, I need to pay my rent. So I walked to Gil's house and went online and found 1800taxicab. Called it, but they connected me to a cab service in Atlantic City (where my cell phone is actually registered to, yes, I'm from AC) So obviously, that didn't work out.

Gil then texted me that the trains are still running. So I pulled out my R6 schedule and saw I just missed the train. So I called work to tell them I was running late. Because I thought I had to be at work at 10:30. Then Louis told me I wasn't in till noon.

FUCKING SWEET! I was jumping around Gil's apartment in excitement because it worked out.

Thats my story for today. If I've been a shitty friend, I'm sorry. I've been working six day weeks and I'm always at work. I have back bills I need to pay and I want to get my gas turned back on.
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[10 May 2009|02:19pm]
urgh, I'm had the worse week in the longest time.

In the past week the following has happened:

my nintendo ds broke
I lost my ipod
I lost my cell phone.

Monday, I went to turn on my ds and the top screen is all screwed up. Which dishearten me because I know it was from the bottle of soda that was in my bag that leaked. I figured I'd by myself a new one by this weekend.
It was also Gil's birthday so I took him out to eat at this really cool Japanese place in chinatown. Also, we picked up some rum and just came back and hung out at his house. It was the second time we had hung out since I broke up with him two Mondays ago. Yes, you read correctly. It was quite enjoyable again. I had been enjoying the downgrade in the relationship. WE were just sitting in his bathroom floor just bullshitting.

Wednesday, I pick up work. Nick came and visited me and we went to the diner after work. We were going back inside my apartment and my ipod was tied up with my keys. I'm guessing thats when it fell from my pocket as I was shoving it back in.
The next morning when I was getting ready to go to work I was looking for my ipod, and gave up looking when I knew I had to leave to make the bus. When I got outside I looked on the ground and found my ipod headphones, but no ipod. Royal suck. Between that and the ds I was quite pissed off about it. I still had to buy Gil his ipod for his birthday, but I decided that could wait for my own selfish needs. Since he would only use it in the car, meanwhile mine was the main way of getting music anymore.
Fortunately, when I got to work, someone wanted to pick up for me, so I left and bought myself a new ipod. I came back over to Gil's since my computer is here and try to set the damn thing up, but when Gil reformatted my harddrive, he put a different older version of XP. Which happens to be too old to have itunes on. So there was no way of getting any music onto my ipod. I need him to either a: reformat it again, or b: network his lap top to my desktop. But this completely explains why I couldn't get to change any of my music onto my old one.

Cell phone, I was running after a bus yesterday trying to catch it. Which is not a smart idea because of my present knee problems. So my knee was in horrible pain most of the time of work. I realized I had lost my cell phone by the time I got to the transfer station. So I got off the bus, knowing where I dropped it and hopped on the next bus heading back towards my house. I figured I could call work saying I was running late because it had been only like ten minutes. Unfortunely, it was already gone.
I found a pay phone and used it to call work. But I started to get really upset over it because of everything else that had happened to me during the week. And started to have a panic attack. I came over to Gil's even though he wasn't here to wash up and try to calm down. James was here and I talked to him about it, let alone other things. Gil and I started to have another fight friday night, but between me who was drunk and him taking 4 tramadulls for his recent stone it was over the normal problems.
Anyway, I ended up getting to work two hours late. And the person I told that I was running late didn't tell the management. So Ingo was angry with me, and I explained the situation, so I think he was fine because I guess he understood. He told me they tried to call my cell, which further instates how I called from a payphone, I didnt have my cell. But it was kinda a blessing in disguise because the person who found my phone called Chili's telling them they had my phone. Now, I'm waiting for 3pm so I can go pick it up. Oi

I'm just also so fucking stressed out, because I'm sure Nick thinks I'm ignoring him. I don't have his number other wise. I need to call my mom today and wish her a happy mothers day and just talk in general since I haven't talked to either of my parents since easter. Mainly for being just so stressed out and I'm the type of person to just shut people out and want to be alone when I'm like this. I definitely need to find a new therapist cause I can't deal with my moods swings anymore. I just am so fucking moody in general I need something to mellow me out.

Jenn Lazur last night gave me a xanex to try to calm me down at work, but I ended up not taking it till I got home because I almost started to have another panic attack while leaving work last night.

yeah, so this is what my week consisted of.
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[09 Mar 2009|06:38pm]
[ mood | disgruntle ]

*meanwhile pointing around a room*
fuck you! fuck you! fuck you! your cool! fuck you!

this journal is once again friends only.....

*insert disgruntle alpaca noise here*

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[21 Jan 2009|08:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I sneer.
I take a deep breath and sneer.
I've risen from the ashes and I'm on my way back up.

once again, I'm reminded that I am the phoenix.

through these flames of my own defeat and self reflection. I will rise.

Fuck you Judas, get the hell out of my light.

btw, with all the soy I've been eating lately, it started to come out pod form and is edible when boiled and slightly salted. ;)

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[14 Jan 2009|03:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

oh wow, since its quite apparent "somebody" is reading my journal. She has done nothing but proven what I have done is correct. Thank you!

I've realized the error of my ways weeks before you "intervened." Because taking cheap shots at past actions for someone else is the best way to go when they are trying to clean up their act. Maybe you have your own demons?

I'm facing mine and relishing every moment. It taste salty. Fortunately, salty food is my favorite! Well besides spicy, which actually my life has become kinda hot as well.

Speaking of food, I made edamame for the first time today, a bit over done, but tasted supa fabulouso otherwise.

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[11 Jan 2009|04:11pm]
wow, I never thought I'd quote the bible. Somehow, my memory of reading the bible when I was in middle school made me recall this story.
Genesis 19

The moral of the story is that the road of self-improvement there are points of no looking back. There will be temptation to look back in, or on, toxic situations and potential situations to be dragged back in, but its best to take the high road and continue to walk away. If you give into temptation you might turn into a "pillar of salt"

I think I gained a few points of self-respect for myself. In turn, push me along the road of becoming a healthier person.
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[07 Jan 2009|04:20pm]
i fucking did it, I closed the "account" with someone I was "friends" with that I'm tired of this charache, after years of her putting me down and why I would not respond to her condescending remarks....
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[07 Jan 2009|11:47am]
ow, so my wisdom teeth have been really moving around in my head the past few days.

Also, the weather is dictating that without having an umbrella, I'm staying inside till I have to go to work today. Which sucks cause I wanted to go downtown and go tanning. :P boo.

Work yesterday was a drag. I opened, had only 3 tables and was cut by 1:15. My first customer was like "how old are you? You look like you're 16!" After telling him I'm 26, I explained it was probably looking so young since I had no makeup on. He was impressed.
I came home and took a nap, watched some PBS before returning to work. I expoed, and it was once again slow. No one wants to come out during the rain. Was finished around 8:30. Adrian also finished up around the same time as I did, so I had someone to ride the bus home with again. I'm realizing now why Alisha always wanted to find someone to take the bus with her, time goes by some much faster. But unlike Alisha, I have a lot more in common with Adrian.

Since it is still raining and relatively cold out, I predict tonight is going to be super slow as well. I need to remember to bring misc to entertain me while I'm at work tonight.

I've also concluded what my resolution is. Granted its a week late, but recent experiences concluded it. This year, I pledge to be more selfish and more focused on myself. It's been my selflessness and only feeling good about myself when I do extreme good for others that causes pain in the end. Despite of having the philosophy treat those how you expect them to treat you. You cannot expect true awesome treatment back despite of your example. Its time to weed out the bad, and introduced new seeds to the plot.
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[02 Jan 2009|02:58pm]
I was downtown a few hours ago and it started to flurry/light snow out. Between the nice crisp air and the snow, it reminded me of how early January is by far my favorite time of year. The horror of November and December is over with its irregular weather and constant cold with occasional windy days has set in. I like it, it makes me thoroughly enjoy being outside.

Last night, after work, I left and took the bus with Adrian. We were outside waiting for the 65 and then at the transfer station, it was really cold, but I think despite of that it was so refreshing.

By the way work last night sucked hairy donkey balls with how slow it was and Hugo was completely whacked out on la coca. But it was rather amusing since Ajari came in still rolling and drunk from the night before. Other than that, I spent most of yesterday hung over. yay

Well, I need to finish getting ready for work.
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[31 Dec 2008|06:14pm]
[ mood | disgruntle ]

fuck you 2008!

you officially make the list of the top five worse years ever! Making #3... with #2 being 2005, and #1 2002. #4 being 1999 and #5 1996. Just if you were curious. I'm finding a correlation between nye being a horrible day for misc. reasons. And that in general, I have a bad year every three years.

Welcome 2009!

The year following these years have always been fucking fabulous. Hell, I know I can loose the remaining 17 pounds of the 40 I want to loose by late June.

And really, the top four emotions I feel, betrayed, disillusioned, disgruntle, and sober are all not options for your mood.

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[24 Dec 2008|02:28am]

note how James giggles, because he is no longer truly Japanese, kind of like after I tell a Scandinavian that I'm Danish and don't know a lick of Danish. It reminds me of how in America we associate ourselves with where our parents are from, not where we are directly from at first. "Oh whats your nationality?!" "I'm Danish with some Italian...." Not American, and outside the country, I claim New Jersey before America.
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[24 Dec 2008|01:23am]
oh right, tv does influence your dreams....

ok, when I fell back asleep this morning, I left PBS Kids on. I had this dream I was working at a Chili's in South Philly, but my present GM was the GM there. I was there in the morning and had to return after my break. I remember I went home, which was somewhere just south of downtown (Reed St and 4th, one of the locations 3 years ago I almost moved to) I was on the 13 bus (which is actually a trolley in real life) and we were leaving center city to head to South Philly close to where I worked not to far from the airport. We were on merging onto 676 West from broad st. to go to 30th St station before heading south. Instead of getting on the 76 East/30th st station exit, we proceeded onto 76 west.
Shortly getting on 76 west, Elmo and Abby Cadaby started to cheer for the bus driver, just for the hell of it. The bus driver, then decided they would pull off at the Girad/Phila zoo exit. We crossed the bridge and pulled down on Kelly drive into one of the side parking lot. Where elmo and Abby got out and started to cheerlead about how awesome the bus driver was. The bus driver was being a total wank and didn't want to finish their route, that was going in the wrong way to begin with.... I pleaded to at least take me to the Wissahickon transfer station... But with no avail. I try to figure out other routes.... nothing that didnt involve me walking 1.5 miles... I then said they didnt have to lead but encourage them to do there job.

The end of the dream was me finally finding the number for the new Chili's I was working at in South Philly and calling Bill saying I was going to be late.

The irony of it was, that when I woke up, sesame street was one, the ep where elmo and abby were trying to be cheerleaders, and it was 10:22 and if I didn't get my ass out of bed immediately and outside to get the bus. Which I fortunately did make, half in my pjs and getting dressed at work. But I did make it on time.
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doing that meme [23 Dec 2008|11:35pm]
[ mood | constipated ]

Lets see what made me happy....

I guess what made me happy today was things that started out bad, but worked out in the end.

1. after my post earlier I managed to fall back asleep for a few hours. Due to this, I woke up at 10:22, which is when I need to leave Gil's apartment to catch the bus.

2. I managed to make the bus, thus getting to work on time. I didn't even get fully dressed. I put my jeans on, threw the rest of my clothes in my back pack, and left.

3. one of my tables said sincerely that I was the smartest server they ever had. Somehow we got on a random tangent and I spewed out some shabeal. My journals never really reflect that side of me, mainly because I find it hard to write unless I've been cocktailing or just drunk. So if I have an entry that seems to make no sense whatsoever, I'm just drunk.

4. Due to running late, I did not do some things around the house that I needed to. My break at work was rather short, but my co-worker asked me to run to the bank for her and that I could take her car. So yay! random car usage.

5. My last table ended up giving me 20% on there tab, despite of not appearing to be the type to tip well at all. Considering my night was filled with "five dollar hollas" I was expecting $5 at the most.

6. Perhaps the best of all, after a long annoying day at work, I had a nice huge bottle of gin to come home to and know that I don't have to return to that hellhole till Saturday night. (Actually, I have a love hate relationship with that place)

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[23 Dec 2008|07:14am]
oh geez, today is going to be a day fueled by rockstar.... I've already been up for an hour due to the fact that Gil would not stop snoring. And from the uncomfortable sleep, my back is already hurting. I should really start sleeping at home again cause this is getting way too annoying. But then there, we have jack hammers that start at 7am. I don't think I'll ever win. :P
Last night, I did fall asleep around 10pm, so at least I still had slept for about 8 hours before his snoring got really bad. Though, I'm slightly angry that I fell asleep like literally after eating some Chinese food. Not healthy kind either, but white rice and sesame chicken. At least I only atw about 2/5s of a combination platter.

I'm working at 10:30 today and working a double. I didn't buy a weekly transpass this week since I only will be taking the bus today, and maybe tomorrow to get downtown. So, being cheap, I might just work most of the day even during my break. Mainly because I'm opening dinner anyway.

Tomorrow I'm heading home to Jersey for the holidays, not for very long, just till the 26th. My parents house is mega boring anyway. I will probably spend most of it, haha, online.

Friday, is a free jungle party in the city, that I forgot I was going to. lol. Good thing its free because I'm going to be broke by then. Seeing that I'm only working today, then Saturday.

I intend on doing the happy meme thing, but since its only 7:30 am, I have nothing to be happy about.
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[21 Dec 2008|03:06am]
On the twelfth day of Christmas, tripiithemoon sent to me...
Twelve sims raving
Eleven stars traveling
Ten cats a-dancing
Nine beads coloring
Eight undergrounds a-driving
Seven bracelets a-surfing
Six rainbows a-drawing
Five aci-i-i-id lines
Four thrift stores
Three big pants
Two smashing pumpkins
...and a marusha in an atlantic city.
Get your own Twelve Days:

dude, really, if Marusha were to play in Atlantic City, especially an old skool set, it would be golden, simply fucking golden.

anyway, Gil and I ventured to King of Prussia today (second largest mall in America) to do some x-mas All I have to say, omg Macy's is having AMAZING DEALS!
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[19 Dec 2008|07:16am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

insomnia sucks.

I went to bed around 2am and I've been up since shortly after 6:30. It wasn't a straight through sleep because every time I was actually asleep, I was having nightmares involving work. God, I hate Chili's dreams.

Well, its only a few days before Christmas and I am no where near finished with my shopping. I wish I had some idea where all my money went. Oh right, I had a few times this month where I went out with friends and over all between shopping, eating and drinking, it was around $70. I should be able to finish this weekend. Unfortunately, the money for my shifts for the rest of the week, I will not be able to get my money immediately, but up to the day after. boo.

Last Friday was Anthony's Christmas party. Kalie had to convince me to go out since I was in a pretty down mood. We ended up taking the bus down to Manayunk, the next section of town over, and tried to follow the directions, but ended up walking to one end, to the other, then back again (literally) trying to find the place. It really doesn't help that the neighborhoods in philly have streets that end for blocks at a time, and begin again.
So we left Gil's around 10:15, finally arrived around 12:15. What normally should of been a half hour tops trip. Since we were originally intended to try to take the last 61 back, it didnt happen since that was only about 10 minutes after we got there. A bunch of my coworkers were there making it a more exciting time. It was amusing watching them all got hammered while I chose not to drink. Some of their faces were so surprised.
Anyway, after an amusing evening, Kalie and I finally left around 4 am, where arriving home I went promptly to bed. By the way, it was so nice to be the only one who was not hung over from the night before Saturday night.

Monday, I actually had the car. Gil couldn't put in his contacts due to an eye appointment in the evening. After dropping him off at work, I went up and picked up Andrea before going to the Oxford Valley mall. I had to go to Joanne fabrics to get some stuff for Gil to make for him. Went to the actual mall, then went to Red Robin for lunch. We were about to order when Avy called all upset saying that she got laid off and needed a ride home.
So we left the restaurant without ordering and I drove out to Street Rd to pick her and Xavier up. Since Andrea and I had still not eaten at this point, and had decided what we wanted to eat, we actually ended up at the Red Robin in Neshemamy instead.
After lunch, I dropped Andrea off since she had to go to New York City that evening, and was driving Avy home. We were about to descend onto I-95 when we heard a big crack and suddenly the car started to become really loud. Like modified exhaust loud. I pushed the car, not literally, to Avy's house and looked underneath. It turned out that the other hose attaching the muffler had finally corroded away. So the muffler now hung about 6 inches below where it should. I lifted up the car and try to see if I could jimmy rig it so at least it wouldn't hang down so low, but with no avail. So I headed back towards home.
But I did take advantage of being able to go to the Asian Nail Supply. I swear there is no consistency with their prices since nothing is marked. But I'm happy to see that they finally have jars of crushed shells and glitter.
Then I finally went and picked up Gil from work. After picking him up, I told him what happened and we just had to try to see if the car would make it back up to the Northeast for his eye appointment. It did. Its more that we have to be super careful not to go over any bumps or holes. We got dinner at 99 Steak house and I went into the clothing stores at Northeast Commons. I saw that Bare Feet Shoes has really super long flannel shirts similar to what I saw and liked in Ranzuki a few months back. I was excited, I can't wait to be able to pick it up. :)

Other than that, I literally worked the rest of the week. Double on Tuesday, close Wednesday dinner (with the afternoon filled with laying in bed watching trashy tv and pbs kids all day), double yesterday, and lunch today. oi. No wonder I'm having Chili's dreams.

urgh, maybe I can catch in a nap before going to work.

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[11 Dec 2008|09:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]

truth to my name...

a name that I realized explains a lot about me than I originally imagined...

the name directly... spelled out TripIITheMoon relates to a breakbeat old skool track by Acen on Production house records released in late 1991 and remixes in 1992...

the lyrics and the sounds.... verbally what I was feeling, musically was what I was trying to relate to. I was sick of happy hardcore what is referred to as anthems now, and looking for what was before that to fully understand. What I found was "old skool" breakbeat hardcore. What was be before 1996.

In late 2002 I found this song, and I was feeling disillusioned. I found out by Acen.... neat. but I found out the name. Trip II the Moon. I always felt an affinity to the moon, besides being a cancer and it being my ruling "planet"....

and deeper....

the name I found out was coined off an old French film made in 1902 called "Trip to the Moon" by Georges Mieles. Ironically back around 1995/1996 I developed an interested in soundless film (favorite being metropolis that I originally saw in school in 1996) from the "arts" channel.

Furthermore, the film itself was ripped off by Yelena Yemchuck in 1997 for the Smashing Pumpkins video "Tonight, Tonight"

wow, with my love of break beat hardcore, the moon, old skool film, and the smashing pumpkins, what the irony...

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[08 Dec 2008|04:34pm]
old technics shirt

new ones:


is it me? or do I look younger?
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